Cavern background and new church tileset

The artist has been working on some new graphics for the game, they are coming along beautifully!

The cavern background battle scene

Cavern background for battle scene

The artist has also been working on the church tileset.

Church tileset

Church tileset

A lot of progress has been made this week-end and lots more to come soon!

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Engine and Tileset Progress

We’ve had a few new tile-sets designed by the Artist! They are looking quite cool, can’t wait to start implementing them into the game.

Image of Cavern tileset

Cavern Tileset

Image of Dungeon tileset

Dungeon Tileset

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ArtsFox / DevsFox

This is the first entry I am making in my blog. I am Kieran Partridge. I am currently lead developer for ArtsFox / DevsFox. I am currently working on an engine which is designed to help us publish Role Playing Games (RPG) onto steam.

The team and I are currently working on a game we once made back in 2011. The game title currently goes by “Shadowcloak”.

Despard — self-appointed thief extraordinaire — finds himself in a foreign land, whereupon Lord Ieuan Pontefract — the king’s own decorated warlord — raises an army in the south to take the kingdom for his own. When the king’s daughter is snatched from her bed, it’s up to our hero to defeat the army of black knights, bring Pontefract to justice and return the fair lady to safety!

As for the engine, I am hoping to get some pictures up soon of the engine and also get some graphics uploaded too. It’s a huge project so it should be a fun one to do!

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